Philly's Finest Kabab House!



Guest sitting available. Not in the mood for take-out? Order your food and enjoy the delicious food in our guest seating area. Clean chair and table, family friendly environment, condiments and utensils available.



Our restaurant is designed for the best take-out in Pakistani food. Whether you are alone, with friends and family or large group, it's the ideal food for everyone.



Shaban Kabab & Curry now offers fresh pizza with varitety of toppings or plain pizza. For more information about Shaban Famous Pizza, please visit pizza website at

Shaban Cury & Kabab is Philly's finest kabab house but don't take our words for it, come see for yourself what the buzz is all about. Prepared by our master chef, our mouth watering flavorful food will have you craving for more. We are located in Philadelphia. Our new range of pizza infused with spices will delight you in ways you thought never possible before. Try our Chicken Tikka or Seekh Kabab toppings for one-of-a-kind experience like none-others.